Dr. Samantha Ravich


Dr. Samantha Ravich is a defense and intelligence policy and tech entrepreneur. She was the former Deputy National Security Advisor for Vice President Cheney and served in the White House for 5½ years where she was the Vice President’s representative on Asian and Middle East Affairs as well as on Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Proliferation. Following her time at the White House, Ravich was the Republican Co-Chair of the Congressionally-mandated National Commission for Review of Research and Development Programs in the United States Intelligence Community. Ravich is now the CEO of A2P, a social data analytics and marketing firm, as well as the Principal Investigator on a research project on Cyber-Enabled Economic Warfare housed at FDD’s Center for Sanctions and Illicit Finance. She is a non-executive Board member for the publicly listed firm DroneShield (ASX: DRO) and serves as an advisor to The Chertoff Group, Freedom Capital Investment Management, Kodak’s Intellectual Property Solutions Division, and Scotts Miracle Gro. She received her Ph.D. in Policy Analysis from the RAND Graduate School and her MCP/BSE from the University of Pennsylvania/Wharton School. Her book, “Marketization and Democracy: East Asian Experiences,” (Cambridge University Press) is used as a basic textbook in international economics, political science, and Asian studies college courses. Ravich is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and an advisor to the US Intelligence Community and the Department of Defense.

Ravich is a frequent keynote speaker on: What Corporate Boards need to know about Cyber Security and Warfare; The Longer-Term Trends in International Security; and the Future of Intelligence Collection and Analysis.