David Ihrie

Mr. Ihrie has over 35 years industry experience as a direct innovator in the fields of satellite and terrestrial communication, computing, and information science. He has been a principal in seven startup companies in industries ranging from Nuclear Power to Digital Broadcast to analytic software for the Intelligence Community.

Mr. Ihrie has used the CTO position asa platform to help build four breakthrough enterprise-scale innovation organizations. The National Technology Alliance brought non-traditional technology companies to help solve hard problems for the Intelligence Community. Mach37 is the first vertically-focused business accelerator for cybersecurity. Mr. Ihrie leads the EMERGE Program with DHS Science & Technology Directorate, using a national coalition of business accelerators to bring leading edge innovation in wearable technology to the First Responder community. His current project, the Smart Communities Actuator combines an accelerator and incubator with built-in path-to-market opportunities focused on helping early stage businesses bring value to the Smart Cities market.

Mr. Ihrie has a Master of Science degree in Business from MIT, specializing in the Management of Technological Innovation, and a B.S. from MIT in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science.